Sharleen Spiteri: 'Liz Hurley Is A Rude, Fat B*tch, She Can F*ck Off'

'Liz Hurley Is A Rude, Fat B*tch, She Can F*ck Off'

There is NOTHING we love more than a random celebrity spat and it doesn't really get better than this.

Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri has lashed out at Liz Hurley, calling her a "fat b*tch" who can "f*ck off".

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Sharl told of the time the 'Austin Powers' star invited her over for dinner, then pretended to not know who she was.

Recalling the incident, she said: "I said, 'Oh hello', all polite like, and she was like, 'And you are... ?'. Well, that was it,"

"'Ali Baba,' I said. And the whole table drew back in their seats and you could see them thinking, 'Oh God, this is going off'."

Not holding back, Sharleen added: "See, she's rude, Liz Hurley, and I don't like rude. What's she famous for anyway? Wearing a dress with her tits hanging out? Well, she's a fat bitch and she can f*** off."


But it wasn't just Liz who was feeling the wrath of Sharlene's tongue - the singer has also got it in for Paris Hilton.

Talking of the time the Hilton hotel heiress stood on peoples' coats at a party, she said: "She wasn't listening, she was wasted. So I filled my straw with my drink and I blew it. That got her attention.

"'Have some manners', I said. And she started with all her nonsense. So I said, 'F**k off or I'll kick the s**t out of you'. That's how it works where I'm from."

She told Digital Spy in 2010 following the incident that it was "mad" people still ask her about it, adding she "didn't want to be associated at all - in the papers or not - with Paris Hilton".

The lesson here? NEVER mess with Sharleen Spiteri.

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