Tupac's Aunt Assata Shakur Is First Woman On FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List.

Tupac's Aunt Is First Woman On FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List.

The step-aunt and godmother of rapper Tupac Shakur has become the first woman to be added to the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List.

Joanne Chesimard aka Assata Shakur is wanted for the murder of a New Jersey state trooper, who was shot dead 40 years ago. She was convicted of murder, but escaped from prison in 1979.

The FBI have doubled their offer a reward for information up to $2m.

Assata Shakur is classified as a 'domestic terrorist'

Tupac who died after being shot multiple times in an unrelated drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

Chesimard was a member of the Black Liberation Army and an FBI official stated that the 65-year-old continues to state her "radical anti-US government views."

However some have claimed that Chesimard was the victim of a miscarriage of justice, with lawyer Ron Kuby, who interviewed Chesimard in Cuba in 1987, telling Reuters: "Let's not overstate the contours of this. Assata Shakur was the embodiment of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army at a time when there was a low intensity war between black radicals and the US".

Special agent Aaron Ford said: "Today, on the anniversary of Trooper Werner Foerster's death, we want the public to know that we will not rest until this fugitive is brought to justice".


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