Just A Dog. Hiding In A Fridge. (PICTURE)

LOOK: Dog Hides In Fridge

"No word of a lie, this is what I just came home to," wrote Redditor TheNinjaJedi on posting this photo:

And how exactly did she get in there - alongside, it has to be noted, lots of juicy steaks?

"I feel a bit of detail is necessary," writes TheNinjaJedi. "They're doing exterior brickwork on the apartment, which scares the crap out of her, so she's always looking for places to hide... I'm pretty sure this started as a hideout spot, although I have no idea how she managed to actually get in. It's not like she was hungry so she just busted into the fridge (my god at least I hope not)."

We hope not, either. Otherwise we humans really have a problem on our hands.

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