Jodie Marsh Becomes A Nun (Kinda) In Hilarious Twitter Picture

Looks Like Jodie's Naughty Days Are Well And Truly Behind Her

It was only the other day that Jodie Marsh's massive make-under left us gobsmacked, and now it really does seem like her naughty days are behind her.

The former glamour model has taken to the habit, posting a picture of herself dressed up as a nun on Twitter.

Back in the habit: Jodie Marsh

Don't worry though, she hasn't really gone all 'Sister Act' on us - it's just fancy dress.

Jodie revealed she picked this outfit out for Leigh Francis' (aka Keith Lemon) 40th birthday party a couple of weeks ago, before settling on her UH-MAZING Avatar costume.

She tweeted: "Before I decided to become an avatar for @LeighFrancis birthday party, this was the outfit I'd hired for it...."

She added: "Hired from a fancy dress shop, I thought this summed me up nicely at the moment. It was a tough call between this & an avatar. Though I feel this reflects my personality more :-) x x x."

Jodie eventually decided to go to the party wearing this

While she used to be known for her man eating ways, Jodie has been like a nun of late saying she is happy being celibate. However, she recently revealed she is on the hunt for a boyfriend.

She wrote on Twitter: "Much as I'm totally fine with being celibate, I'm kind of craving a boyfriend now. Or at least someone to share my life with. I'd make an awesome little wifey. I cook, I clean, I ride a Harley, I own a protein & supplement company. What more does a man want? Haha."

Gents, form an orderly queue.

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