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How To Have Fun Blogging

How to have fun blogging: Frustrated mother on laptop with child Rex Features

Blogging can be a fun, inexpensive hobby that provides you with a great outlet for their creativity and passion, while allowing you to connect with interesting people from all over the world.

But sometimes we can all feel isolated – when people aren't commenting on our posts, or our visitor numbers don't seem to be increasing. It's hard to be noticed in such a big, fast-moving community.

There are some simple things you can do to put the fun back into blogging.
Why not try some of these ideas?

Take a day off.

It sounds trite but some time away from the computer can remind you of why you blog. Maybe it's to capture memories of your family, or to share a passion, or promote your business. It's good to give yourself some time to get inspired, and remember what it's all about.

Team up with other bloggers to boost your virtual social life.

You could try writing a post and then "tagging" other blogs by inviting them to share their experiences on the same subject – it might be asking them about their first blog post, or for their favourite movie memories. Use your imagination!

Spend time reading and commenting on your favourite blogs, and finding new blogs.

Reading blogs, and following links to new blogs, can introduce you to new ideas, new writers, new images and themes that can spark great ideas for your own blog. Commenting is the single best way to get new readers on your blog.

Competitions and giveaways are a great way to boost your blog's audience.

If you have an idea of the sort of competition you'd like to run, then you can contact PR agencies and brands via Twitter or their website and ask them if they'd like to work with you – if you write a review at the same time then it can be great fun testing new video games, foodie treats or beauty products.

Invite some bloggers you love to contribute a guest post to your blog on a theme, and offer to return the favour.

It's a great way to build relationships with other blogs, and can introduce new readers to your blog.

Take opportunities to attend social events with other bloggers.

As your blog becomes more established, you may well receive invitations from brands to attend sponsored events, but there are also events hosted by blogging networks, such as BlogCamp. It's also a great idea to organise "local" lunches with bloggers in your area, and you might make some new friends in the process!

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