Susan Boyle Set For Las Vegas Residency

Susan Boyle is set to follow in the footsteps of Elton John, Celine Dion and Britney Spears with her own live show Las Vegas.

The Scottish singer is set to sign a multi-million pound contract for a residency at one of Sin City's top venues next year.

Susan Boyle

A source told The Mirror: “Las Vegas is one of the ultimate spots for a performer to play and a residency is a huge deal, but then Susan is a big star who’s sold more than 19 million albums.”

But the clean-living 52-year-old star - who is worth an estimated £22 million after shooting to fame on 'Britain's Got Talent' - has only one very un-diva like request while she stays in the city - Irish tea.

“Susan loves Barry Tea, which is an Irish tea that’s also really popular in Scotland," the source said. "She doesn’t like American tea, so she brings her own supply of tea bags.”

Rock and errrrm, roll!

The Las Vegas dates come as the singer announces her first ever live tour. In a statement to fans, she said: "I'm really looking forward to getting on stage and singing with my own band for an entire show.

"This is the year that I feel that I would be able to give an audience what they want. I've always wanted to do my own show and now I feel confident enough to give it a go."