16/05/2013 18:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Honestly... No

Honestly... No.

Sometimes we have to be honest.
With ourselves, our families, our friends and the strangers in the street.
You have to be honest when you're asked for the 500th time that week.

"So are you going to have another baby soon?"

The answer?
Honestly? No!

Holly is 18 months old. Apparently this would be the right time to have another. Small age gaps are key... apparently. She's only 18 months old. That's young enough for us to remember how 12 months ago we were walking wrecks.

My body was destroyed, I was traumatised by my post birth recovery, I was trying to breast feed a small shark. My boobs were so big they were more under my armpits that in my bra and every child that cried made me spontaneously drip milk. Joy.

Don't get me wrong I am in no way, shape or form ungrateful for this marvellous gift of a child we have been blessed with. I am not ungrateful for the fact we are a beautiful, happy family. But I don't want another yet.

A lot of my friends and family are expecting currently. I am so so excited for them and for their new little arrivals. However, this is my time to be selfish.

I had a fairly easy pregnancy, but pregnancy still changes you and your body. I now fit in all my clothes, I can run and exercise as much as I want. I'm enjoying working again. I love spending one on one time with Holly. I love our family of three.

I'm not saying I won't ever be ready. I watch OBEM and cry my eyes out. I know what a gift children are. But in our current situation having just moved house, returning to work and running our business my head is busy. Mentally I don't have room to fit in one more.

So dear stranger on the bus who thinks it's okay to enquire when I want to have another baby. Although it seems a little rude to me you're even asking. For now the answer is firmly, but respectfully no. Not just yet.

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