17/05/2013 10:42 BST | Updated 17/07/2013 06:12 BST

The Best And Worst Of Brits At Eurovision Song Contest - Can Bonnie Tyler Do Better This Year?

The Eurovision Song Contest is a bittersweet experience for longstanding UK fans these days.

While we remain passionately upbeat about the contest itself - where else can you get that quality of music in one place? - our hopes of collecting the trophy have become smaller and more fleeting, as each year

Can the glory days ever return?

Our once iron grip on the gong has been loosened by shifting political alliances across 'Europe' while we remain eternally an island, other countries coming to the party with established disco anthems already being shaken to in the clubs, and 'Song for Europe' choices being replaced with a head-scratching bunch at the Beeb being left to decide what the people want. Result: Engelbert Humperdinck.

There have been some valiant efforts along the way - who can forget the enthusiastic outpouring of one Katie Price, lining up for Song For Europe with ''Not Just Anybody' in 2005 - sorely robbed at the national stage by Javine Hylton, who could only manage a paltry 22nd position on the night.

Price later revealed that she would have been selected if she hadn't been expecting second child Junior.

She told a newspaper: "I know I'd have qualified if it hadn't come out that I was pregnant."

Katie Price gave it her all in 2005 - but it wasn't enough. Can Bonnie do any better in 2013?

But with full respect to the supreme efforts of Blue (2011 - 11th), it seems the chances of us catching the wave with a song of the confidence and vitality of Katrina and co are small at best. It's been a staggering 16 years since she made us proud to be British (yes, she's actually from Kansas but for these purposes, etc.) with 'Love Shine A Light'.

And you have to go further back, veritably put your ear to a Eurovision conch to a hear tell of the myths of the wonder years - that golden time when the likes of Sandie Shaw, Lulu and Cliff Richard made it inconceivable for us to even ponder the humiliation of finishing outside the top three.

But, the good news is... enthusiasm remains undimmed, with the Brits once again putting their weight into support for Bonnie Tyler's contribution 'Believe in Me'.

Will Bonnie be able as well as any of this lot? She must be able to do better than some!