Tried-And-Tested Wellbeing Treatment Of The Week: Saints And Slimmers Food Delivery Diet

Could This Diet Be The Answer For Those With No Willpower?

The machine in the chemist had spoken. I was officially, TECHNICALLY, obese, with a BMI hovering outside respectable boundaries. I had proved incapable of self-governance of control. It was time to behave like a dietary lemming.

Saints and Slimmers is an online service, which takes the decision-making away. Logging onto their website, you insert all your weights and measurements, as well as your targets, goals and deadlines. They work out what this all means in terms of calorie intake, and then you progress to the menu board.

Once the box arrives, there's no going back - it stares at you from the corner of the room

Down for a 2-week stint, I opted to play safe and opted for the same thing over and over again - 14 bags of porridge, etc - so I wouldn't have to do any thinking! And then - hey presto - the dreaded Box arrived, full of a fortnight's nourishment, which meant I had no more excuses, and was up and running. And if you have queries, comments or just need to feel a member of a club, there are experts an email away, and a forum to share all the good and bad news.

It was interesting for the first couple of days, kind of fun, then it became immensely boring, I started eyeing other people's plates longingly, and only the horror of throwing away good food kept me going back to the Box. But it also made me realise just how often I snack without even realising, and how unnecessary it is - it's just a habit I hadn't had the self-awareness to break, and the Box taught me that.

At approx £8 a day (currently £5.30 a day if you sign up for a whole month), it's no more expensive than an average day spent on food, working in town and nipping out for snacks.

This regime is not fun, nor does it make you feel empowered in the way of, say, going to the gym and then tucking into a bowl of fine pasta because you've earned it. But it was an invaluable kick-start for me into turning into that person, and certainly kicking to the kerb all those nibbly habits that had crept up without me realising.

Saints and Slimmers offer a range of regimes at different prices, with their low-calorie one-week starter plan at £19.99, to a 28-day hamper at £149.99 (usually £224). Click here for more info.