Jennifer Lopez 'Live It Up' Video: 5 Reasons J-Lo Needs To Give It Up

Jennifer Lopez has unveiled her latest nondescript video.

Titled 'Live It Up', the collaboration with Pitbull shoves in viewers' faces all the wonderful things that Jenny From The Block gets to enjoy, including pampering, praise and champagne on the beach.

Here are five reasons why J-Lo should give it up...

1. It's saying something when the most novel thing in your music video is your ghastly yellow lipstick.

2. "I get stupid on a beach, see wowo. I got mommies, mommies by the boatload," raps Pitbull. In 2013, aren't we past rappers boasting about all the women they get thanks to their money?

3. We've seen your legs and washboard abs a hundred times before, J-Lo. Do we still need lingering flesh shots like this?

4. Enough of your adoring crowd getting so emotional at the sight of you they look like they've had a messianic visitation.

5. The 43-year-old beauty still looks as great as ever, it's just the whole dance-with-my-crew-in-as-few-clothes-as-possible routine has gotten a bit stale. Nobody wants another Madonna now, do they?

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