Dad's Foul-Mouthed Tirade At BBC Reporter During School Safety Morning

The BBC has published shocking footage of one of its reporters being verbally abused by a parent during a safety morning outside a primary school.

Leicestershire Police and Leicester City Council were carrying out safety checks and giving advice outside Coleman Primary School when a dad dropping off his child was seen to not be using a child car seat or seat belt for her.

The BBC reporter pointed this out to the man, who launched into a tirade of abuse and foul language, telling him: "Shut your mouth... before I smash your head in".

The dad then bundled his daughter back in the car.

Police attending the scene recorded 13 offences during the morning school run, including a driver having too many passengers, and two cars being seized over invalid insurance issues.

PC Lesley Marriot who was working outside the school said the force had come under criticism for not being out 'catching real criminals' but insisted that their presence was important to locals who were concerned about the safety of children on the road near the school.

"At the end of the day, this is what is important to the people who live in this area and the children that come to this school," she said, as her colleagues dished out warnings to parents who pulled up on the zig-zags painted on the road outside the school.

Despite the police presence, one mum said that parents do not change their ways, even after a warning.

"Parents have been given so much warning and done nothing about it," she said. "My daughter had a car drive over her foot and when I went to confront the driver, she drove off."

The BBC reports that the police also carried out the safety monitoring at school home time, but a city council spokesperson said 'word had got round' and just one offence was recorded.

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