28/05/2013 08:39 BST | Updated 11/06/2013 12:01 BST

EXCLUSIVE: Sultanov Unveils 'Break Free' Video, Plus Robbie Boyd's 'I Want You To Stay' (MUSIC BOX)

It's the day after a sunny Bank Holiday and if you're bored at your desk, wishing the weekend had never ended, here are two videos almost guaranteed to get your foot tapping and put a smile back on your face...

In a HuffPost UK exclusive, Azerbaijani born but Russian based artist Sultanov has unveiled his video for forthcoming single 'Break Free'.

The promo for Sultanov's second single, co-written with Andy Wright (Annie Lennox, Simply Red), follows a man stuck in a mind-numbing job and living a life in a small apartment. Plagued by dreams of a beautiful woman, he ends up running through the woods to escape his mundane life.

Talking about his take on what can only be called career frustrations, Sultanov says: “This is a song that I think everyone can relate to.

“People have dreams; some of these dreams come true. Some of them don’t. Most become slaves to the system, and this song’s about breaking free from it all.”

The video is inspired by Terry Gilliam’s science fiction fantasy film ‘Brazil’ - check it out below:

Also on our playlist today is Robbie Boyd.

The upcoming folk artist shares the musical spirit of Noah & The Whale and Ben Howard, and the video for his EP's leading single 'I Want You To Stay' is just too cute.

It follows a young boy in red braces who loves dancing, as his dad takes him to enter a dance talent show. He soon wins over the very stern judging panel. Watch the video below...