Woolwich Attack: Greenwich University Launches 'Extremism Investigation' After Lee Rigby Killing

The university where one of Lee Rigby's alleged killers studied is to launch an investigation into evidence of extremism on its campus, it has emerged.

After Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was named as a former Greenwich University student, the institution said it would be looking into whether its policies needed to be updated.

"The university takes its responsibilities very seriously in terms of preventing extremism," Professor David Maguire, vice-chancellor of Greenwich said. "We are committed to ensuring that the university is a safe and secure place of study and debate within the confines of the law. We have diverse communities on campus and these include a range of different faiths."

In a blog for the Huffington Post UK, Omar Ali, president of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, said Muslim students had been demonised following Lee Rigby's death. He added Adebolajo had "never been a member" of Greenwich's Islamic society.

One of the Woolwich attackers stands with a bloodied knife in his hand after attacking Lee Rigby

According to student newspaper The Medwire, Maguire confirmed Adebolajo had been a student between 2003 and 2005, although he was ejected after his academic progress was deemed "unsatisfactory".

Maguire continued: "Given the seriousness of issues raised, the university is setting up an investigation into the association of these two individuals with the university, to assess whether there is any evidence of extremism in the university (past or present) and whether we need to update our policies and practices.

The university says it has no records on file relating to Micheal Adebowale, the second suspect in the Woolwich attack, although various media outlets have reported he attended Greenwich alongside Adebolajo.

The vice-chancellor extended his condolences to Rigby's family and friends, saying the university was "deeply shocked" by the incident.

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