Indian Groom Elopes With Another Woman A Day Before His Wedding

The man reportedly eloped the day before his wedding (file picture)
The man reportedly eloped the day before his wedding (file picture)

In a tale guaranteed to give anyone preparing to tie the knot sweaty palms, an Indian groom has eloped with another woman the day before his wedding.

The Times of India reports the 27-year-old’s change of heart was discovered after he failed to return home on Saturday.

He had left home to deliver wedding cards but did not return, leaving both his and his bride-to-be's families distraught.

Thankfully being jilted at the altar is a relatively rare occurrence – though certainly a devastating one.

One wedding had to be cancelled after the groom-to-be was informed by his future wife that she was running off with another man.

The last minute change of plans was announced via WhatsApp as the man made his way to the venue, the Zimbabwe News revealed in December.

And spare a thought for Kevin Li, who made it down the aisle, but then claimed his pregnant fiancée bolted just two days after their unofficial ceremony, the New York Post reported in April.

Adding insult to injury, the runaway bride allegedly also made off with $72,000 of their wedding gifts, including a $24,000 engagement ring.

However Amy Chan told the newspaper Li was also holding onto cash gifts given to the couple by her relatives, and that the pair had a “disaster relationship.”

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