Rihanna Catches Fire With Sexy On-Stage Antics During Diamonds World Tour. Kinda. (PICTURE)

Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the hottest women on the planet, but on Tuesday night she became smoking as she appeared to go up in flames during a gig in Portugal.

RiRi posted a pic of herself getting dangerously close to a pyrotechnic during a date of her Diamonds world tour, which looked as if she was on fire due to her sexy on-stage antics.

The Instagram snap showed her as she performed track 'Jump', while donning a mid-riff flashing bustier and tight PVC trousers.


After the show, she bumped into footballer Christiano Ronaldo, who seized the opportunity for a picture.

The singer was recently the subject of racist and abusive Twitter taunts from troubled star Amanda Bynes.

The former child actress tweeted Rihanna saying that Chris Brown assaulted her in 2009 because she 'was ugly'.

However, Amanda - who was arrested last week - has since claimed the tweets were not sent by her, despite coming from her verified account.

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