TV TONIGHT: Confessions Of A Male Stripper - Channel 4 Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Real 'Full Monty' Brigade

Tonight's televisual offering from Channel 4 is a look behind the scenes of the world of male stripping.

Obviously, from the sound of it, this is just the kind of thing to get audiences, mostly but not all female, all fired up, ready for a hen night and handy with their five-pound notes at the ping of a thong.

So far, so 'Full Monty' and 'Magic Mike'. And just as those films illustrated, behind the scenes - guess what - it's not all bright lights and spray tan, but men unsure of exactly what they're doing and why.

In this first outing for the 'First Cut' strand, the filmmakers talk to the Dreamboys, young men, who are - paradox alert - far more revealing with their clothes on. And in between hearing about their dreams and despairs, we are treated to some jaw-dropping insights into just what is required of a male stripper, physically, before he goes on stage, a part of the show watery-eyed gentlemen may have to watch from behind the sofa. Vacuum pump and tourniquet, anyone?

Confessions Of A Male Stripper is on Channel 4 tonight, at 11pm.

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