30 Parents Brawl At Kids' Soccer Match


An under-14s soccer match descended into chaos as up to 30 parents became involved in a mass brawl on the sidelines.

Police were called to the tournament in Barrie, Ontario on Saturday after reports of verbal and physical confrontations between around 30 people at the Victoria Woods soccer field.

The fracas broke out after the referee made a call during the Kitchener Soccer Club and the Barrie Soccer Club game.

Outraged parents on the sideline disputed the call, and as tensions mounted, a racial slur was made against a black family from the Kitchener Soccer club.

"The parents of both teams had an opinion of what was happening on the field and they got in a confrontation about it," Kim Nicholl, an administrative consultant for the Barrie Soccer Club told CBC News.

No charges were brought about after the incident, but the Barrie Soccer Club said they will be speaking with parents.