Cambridge Student Ben Cronin Rejected For Punting Job As 'Too Ugly'

Student Rejected For Punting Job As He Was 'Too Ugly'

A student has been left "humiliated" after being rejected for a punting job in Cambridge because he was not good-looking enough.

Psychology student Ben Cronin was laughed at by a member of staff at a Scudamore's, a local punting company, who told him: "'Sorry mate, you have to be good looking to do this job," he alleges.

"I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I felt so humiliated," the Anglia Ruskin University student told the Daily Mail.

Ben Cronin was "humiliated" after being discouraged for applying for a punting job

The 20-year-old student said the incident had put him off punting for life, and had damaged his self-confidence. "It has made us feel really unconfident about how we look," he added. "I have low self-esteem issues anyway so to hear that from a stranger was even worse than hearing it from a friend."

Rob Ingersent, general manager of the punting company in question said: "The alleged comment is not something we endorse, as we recruit purely on the basis of work criteria and individual merit."

Scudamore's offers river tours by "professional chauffeurs in straw boaters and waistcoats".

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