03/06/2013 19:43 BST

'The Fall' Episode 4 Review - Gillian Anderson And Jamie Dornan Head To Interaction As Finale Looms

Episode 4 of 'The Fall' found more striking similarities between detective and perpetrator.

While last week's instalment found DS Stella Gibson and Paul Spector in comparative stances of solitude, this week found them both in positions of comfort and influence - each sharing the same still power in repose.

DS Stella Gibson is homing in on Paul Spector, but will she be quick enough?

While Stella Gibson, however, kept utterly serene even during a massive crisis at the station, with only a few blood spats to show for it on her silk blouse, Paul Spector became twitchy, unreliable, unravelling as he was challenged by his work authorities. His lines have become blurred, and that's the difference.

In other news, this whole parallel drug/conspiracy storyline has got completely out of hand, with new revelations that Detective Olson's shocked widow was in fact getting it on with his partner, with fatal results.

Don't they realise that any screen time not occupied by either Gibson or Spector is a waste of celluloid? Whether it's Gibson calmly taking evidence from a woman on her brutal past experience, or Spector ominously removing his balaclava, these two have completely ruled this series, without a moment of interaction - yet. One episode to go.