05/06/2013 07:02 BST | Updated 05/06/2013 07:12 BST

UK Chocolatiers Design 'Edible Anus' Crafted From Butt Model

Gift giving is a particularly difficult art. But thankfully it's been generally understood for many years that you can't go wrong with a box of chocolates. Until now.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle recently came across the Edible Anus website, which sells rings of succulent chocolate "lovingly cast and crafted from the delectable posterior of our stunning butt model".

This UK-based luxury chocolatier company clearly believe they have cracked a new area of the confectionary market (sorry, couldn't resist), and are selling boxes of 10 anus chocs for £4 plus postage.

edible anus

The website rather optimistically says: "Watch Grandma's face light up as she unwraps a homely selection of chocolate cracks."

"We believe the anus range can dissolve the cultural boundaries of race, gender, class and sexual orientation. Join the uprising, spread the joy and let's teach the world to love the anus."

And if you are looking for a more permanent 'Edible Anus' addition to your life, you can also buy a limited edition solid silver anus for just £260 plus postage. Or perhaps an Anus T-shirt and/or mug.

edible anus