José Mourinho 'The Happy One' At Chelsea (PICTURES)

'The Happy One'

José Mourinho proclaimed himself "the happy one" upon his unveiling as new Chelsea manager.

Mourinho's return to Stamford Bridge was confirmed last week when he inked a four-year contract with the club six years after his departure.

The Portuguese dubbed himself "the special one" when paraded in front of the media nine years ago, but the 50-year-old admitted he is a "different person".

"I am the happy one," Mourinho beamed. "Time flies. It looks like it was a couple of days ago but it was nine years ago and since then a lot of things have happened in my life.

"I am the same person, I have the same nature but of course I'm a different person."

The happy one: Mourinho said he is "where I want to be"

"When I arrived in England ... you pushed me a lot in that first press conference to have a strong approach. This time it is different.

"Many of the questions for me will be based on work, so please let's do it fast and let me go!

"I am prepared for (stability) but before I wasn't. I'm Portuguese. I always like adventure. Like the Portuguese of the past, I was always a bit of a navigator."

Mourinho rejected suggestions his relationship with Blues owner Roman Abramovich had broken down in 2007, despite stating that was the case at the time.

"That's not true. I read and I keep listening that I was fired, I was sacked, we had a complete break of relationship. That was not true," he responded.

"It was a mutual agreement. At that time, we thought that was the best for me and for the club. It was a sad moment, of course, but I don't regret that decision because I went to Inter and had probably the best moment of my career and after that I went to Real Madrid, where we we still have the record of the best team in Spanish history. And for Chelsea things went well, too."

He added he was "disappointed" Sir Alex Ferguson would not be Manchester United manager for his return but opted against aiming a barb at David Moyes.

"I'm still a bit disappointed to go back to Old Trafford and Sir Alex is not manager. But David has experience and protection by the club to do his job well."

During United and Madrid's Champions League clash, Mourinho's manners hinted at an audition to replace Ferguson and impress members of United's board uncertain about his character.

He did not directly answer whether he was disappointed not to be offered the chance to succeed Ferguson.

"I am where I want to be. I would not change it for anything," he stressed.

Mourinho, who won five major trophies in three years as Blues boss, hinted his second era at the club would be less intense than his three years with Real, citing Madrid's "obsession" with winning a 10th European Cup.

He refuted the suggestion he had dropped Madrid captain Iker Casillas over a falling-out, labelling it a "pure football decision. I played the players I think were best for the team."

Asked about Barcelona midfielder Andrés Iniesta's remark Mourinho had "damaged" Spanish football, Mourinho could not resist aiming a parting shot at his Catalan adversaries.

"I 'damaged' Spanish football by being the manager who broke Barcelona's dominance," he quipped.

Chelsea captain John Terry, whose contract expires in 2014, was sidelined by Rafael Benítez and has suffered a loss of form over the last two years, but Mourinho refused to comment on his one-time rival's decision to demote the defender.

Belgian loanees Romelu Lukaku and Kevin de Bruyne, meanwhile, "are ready to come and be part of our squad".

He was finally asked about his weaknesses and offered a typically confident answer.

"I know my weaknesses. Not much. Not many. But I try to improve. I don't speak about my weaknesses with my enemy because my enemy watches TV & my enemy reads papers."


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