G8 Protests: Dramatic Footage Shows Demonstrator And Police In Soho Rooftop Scuffle

G8 Protester In Dramatic Rooftop Scuffle With Police

An anti-capitalist protester was dramatically restrained by police after teetering on the edge of a roof during G8 protests in Soho, London.

The man, wearing a blue rucksack, flirted with death as he climbed around the back of a chimney stack, four storeys high.

He then confronted officers, who were wearing climbing gear, before darting to the other side of the roof as officers hauled him back from the brink.

The building on Beak Street, Soho, was at the centre of the protests

The man is expected to be taken to hospital for medical treatment following the incident.

Six people have been arrested as police in riot gear tackle protesters occupying a former police building in the capital's West End.

Hundreds of officers were on the streets to deal with the protests.

The man would have hit the road below if he had fallen from the building

The Sky News footage then showed police diving on top of him and he was later taken away.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman would not comment on the rooftop incident.

But police said there was intelligence to suggest paint bombs and shields could be used against horses and officers in Westminster and the City of London.

And they said tasers had not been used against the protesters.


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