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Keep Walking: Cris do Morro, Part 1 Of 6 Inspirational Films From Brazil (VIDEO)

Cristiano Abud/Lucas Gontijo

We all have life changing moments, sometimes they pass us by and we don't notice them until we look back. For unemployed Brazilian Cris do Morro, he had become resigned to surviving on his brother's income from drug-trafficking. Then one day, a chance meeting with a young boy changed all that.

His compelling story is told in a film that was handpicked as a winning entry by City Of God director Fernando Meirelles,from a series of brand new films supported by Johnnie Walker called The Walkers.

Directed by Cristiano Abud and Lucas Gontijo, Cris do Morro documents the plight of a Brazilian man who strived to fight against the adversities of life in a shanty town, living amongst violence and poverty. Through music, he saved himself from desperate times.

Meirelles chose the winning entries for the six short-feature films produced via crowdsourcing:

“As a filmmaker, I have always been moved by the Keep Walking spirit; after all, it was not easy to produce a movie in Brazil. The boldness of giving the brand’s voice to independent producers had me right away,” says the director, who was excited to see the progress of Brazil and real-life Brazilians, such as community dwellers, natives and street artists, portrayed on the big screen.

Watch this space for the second film in the series of six.