'Big Brother: Secrets And Lies' Launches With 'People's Puppet' Twist

'Big Brother' kicked off it's 14th series with a 'People's Puppet' twist.

In line with the 'Secrets And Lies' theme of the this year's show, it was revealed that 'housemate' Michael, is actually a professional actor who will be controlled by the public.

The 29-year-old Irishman - who claimed he was a postman - he will lie, scheme and work to make the lives of his fellow housemates difficult.

The big reveal happened when he went into the house, and viewers learned of his true identity.

He said in a video: "I've been recruited by Big Brother to work for you", adding: "I'm not the fun-loving happy-go-lucky postman."

He told viewers he was in the house to "spin a web of secrets and lies" and said: "You control me."

He said: "You want to know what the secret is? You're looking at it."

Michael's first task of the evening saw him called to the diary room and asked to choose between having his own suitcase shredded to save his housemates', or shred theirs to save his own.

After choosing to save his belongings, the housemates were called to the garden to watch their suitcases being put through an industrial shredder. However, host Emma Willis later confirmed to viewers that the cases were fake.

Eight other housemates moved into the Big Brother house (meet them here), while six more will join them on Friday night.

Big Brother: Secrets & Lies - Launch Part 1

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Big Brother housemates