Is A Vote For Scottish Independence A Vote For Grudge?

Is A Vote For Scottish Independence A Vote For Grudge?

"When we come down south we are treated with the same disrespect you were," one young Scottish voter told Ukip leader Nigel Farage on BBC Question Time on Thursday. "Scottish people receive the same treatment heading down south, not politically, but within the streets themselves."

It was a curious statement which caused a ripple of nervous laughter among the studio audience of 16 and 17 year old voters and blew the debate about Scottish independence wide open.

Farage's recent encounter in an Edinburgh pub, it seems, has become a focus point in the discussion about the future of Scotland.

Did this guy have a point or was he talking pish?

For those who don't know Farage had to be locked inside the pub for his own safety a few weeks ago after an 'anti-racism' protest against the Ukip leader turned ugly. According to Sky News he originally tried to get in a taxi, but it refused his fare.

Security officials then sealed Farage inside the Canon Gait pub away from angry demonstrators shouting "Go home!" He was later bundled into a police van and driven away from the scene, according to reporters covering the protest.

Several journalists tweeted that crowds shouted: "Leave Scotland, go back to England!” and "You can stick your Union Jack up your a*se!" as Farage left the building.

Holding a grudge: Galloway warned of Britain taking the wrong path over independence

Ukip's Nigel Farage complained of anti-English hate

It prompted Farage to hit back on the televised panel debate. "We need a debate about what independence really means because I think you are being sold a false debate. I think (Alex) Salmond showed there's a very ugly side to the whole independence debate.'

Respect MP George Galloway waded in to defend Farage.

"When he was treated in the way he was, Alex Salmond had the opportunity to be statesman like, to deplore the treatment he had and to sat everyone is welcome in Scotland."

Galloway continued: "All of us have got the right to speak. What happened to Farage looked ugly in the rest of the country and the rest of the world and the SNP, I fear, will take you down a road where grudge is everything."

SNP's Angus Robertson said: "I'm proud that Scotland is a country that welcomes people from other countries," he said to jeering from the audience and panel.

"It wasn't when I came the other week. It was anti-English hatred, hatred," shouted Farage.


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