Topless Rihanna Covered Up In Dublin As People Staple Dresses To Billboard (PICTURES)

A quick flick through Rihanna's Instagram account and it's clear she's no prude when it comes to nudity.

But it appears the same can't be said of the people of Dublin. Some residents are so intent on protecting the star's modesty that they are stapling clothes to cover up her topless pictures.

The offending images appear on billboards across the city to promote Rihanna's Diamonds world tour, which lands in Dublin on Friday 21 June.

An improvement?

Taken from the cover of her 'Unapologetic' album, the revealing image shows the singer naked from the waist up -- her breast covered by her elbow and the album title.

The newly covered-up billboards have taken Twitter by storm.

Twitter user Paul Duane said: "Somebody has stapled a dress to this Rihanna poster on Church St. Well done, you complete nutcase."

Charlene Lydon tweeted another image: "North King Street, Dublin says a resounding NO to Rihanna's boobs!"

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