18/06/2013 09:38 BST

EXCLUSIVE: Watch 'Frank', The New Short Film By Comedians Ben Target And Joe Parham (VIDEO)

It always warms the cockles of our heart when fine short films appear - especially when they're made by young British comedy talent.

So a tip of the hat to comedians Joe Parham and Ben Target, who wrote and directed this short film 'Frank' - produced by Turtle Canyon Films - an adorable, bittersweet tale of one lovelorn man's pursuit of the girl of his dreams.

Like all the best movies, 'Frank' was conceived and written in a Wetherspoon pub - and as they say on the film's website, being comics on the live circuit, Parham and Target "are painfully familiar with the process of placing their handiwork – a character, an idea, a narrative – at the mercy of an audience of strangers". Which is exactly what this short movie is about - in the form of a love story.

Everything in the film was built or found by the pair, and Target constructed Frank’s creation, as Frank himself does, out of things he found in a skip.

Click play on the video at the top to enjoy their handiwork - and the understated acting skills of stars Kieran Hodgson and Natalie Dibsdale. And check out the guys (plus others) talking about the making of the film below: