Annabel Karmel's Quick &Amp; Easy Cod And Salmon Fishcakes

Best-selling children's cookbook author Annabel Karmel is on a mission to convert Britain's fussy eaters.

The mum-of-three – whose 26 books have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide – says: "The UK's toddlers are the toughest food critics in Europe, and it's so easy to feel frustrated and powerless when your child simply refuses to eat certain foods.

"But the key is not to give in or give up – persist with new foods, new recipes and creative ways to hide the good bits."

Her latest book, Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes, is designed to give busy parents ideas to inspire even the pickiest eaters to pick up their forks and spoons.

And this week, Annabel will be sharing some exclusive recipes with Parentdish readers.

Annabel, who is the UK's fourth best-selling cookery author, just behind Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith and Nigella Lawson, says: "With parents working harder than ever to keep their family happy and healthy, I wanted to create a new series of recipe books that use fresh, quick and simple ingredients without compromising on taste and nutritional value. What's more, tired mums and dads can enjoy these recipes too, so there's clean plates all round!"

Here's Annabel's first delicious recipe....COD AND SALMON FISHCAKES

Makes 6 portions

Suitable for freezing

125g skinless salmon fillet, cut into cubes

125g skinless cod fillet, cut into cubes

6 spring onions, chopped

100g fresh breadcrumbs

1 tbsp soy sauce

2 tsp sweet chilli sauce

1 egg yolk

50g Cheddar, grated

A little sunflower oil for frying

1. Measure all the ingredients, except the oil, into a food processor and whiz until combined. Divide the mixture and shape it into 6 fishcakes.

2. Heat the oil in a frying pan. Fry the fishcakes for 6-8 minutes, turning them halfway through cooking so both sides are golden and the fishcakes are cooked through. Blot on kitchen paper and allow to cool slightly before serving.

Annabel's Quick & Easy Mealtime Shortcuts

Organise storage:

Try to organise your cupboards and drawers in the kitchen so that you have easy access to the equipment that you use most frequently.

Cleaning up:

Keep the kitchen sink full of soapy water as your work you can put all your dirty utensils into the sink for easy cleaning.

Plan ahead:

Whenever possible make double the quantity and freeze extra portions.

Keep sharp:

Don't forget to sharpen you knives; it's going to take a lot longer to cut something with a blunt knife.

Quick blend:

Save time by using a food processor or mandoline to chop vegetables.


Keep your fridge and larder stocked so you don't have to make a last minute dash to the shops. And have a shopping list handy to note down ingredients when it runs out.

One meal rule:

So many mums end up cooking separate meals for the children, but cooking needn't be such a chore. Try making a large fish pie or lasagne and pop small individual portions in ramekins for children.

• Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes (RRP £9.99) published by Ebury Press on 20 June 2013. For more information: Connect with Annabel: Twitter: @AnnabelKarmel Facebook:

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