Lego 'Wizard Of Oz' Diorama Has Motorised Tornado (VIDEO)

Amazing things are made out of Lego all the time - that's sort of the point. But this is something special: an absolutely, ridiculously huge diorama of The Wizard Of Oz - including a motorised tornado.

Created for the 2013 BrickWorld conference by the Lego fan group VirtuaLug, it won first prize in the 'Collaborative Display' category.

The model is about 10 feet long, and was built by 12 Lego fans in three countries. There are lots more amazing pictures here.

Lego podcast BeyondTheBrickTV captured the amazing sight, and an interview with Lee Jones of VLUG who talked about the massive amount of time (and bricks) that it took to make the structure.

Take a look, above.(Hat-tip to Gizmodo)