What Annoying Things Does Your Girlfriend Or Boyfriend Do To P*ss You Off?


Boyfriends, here's a tip: if you love your girlfriend, want to stay in your relationship and have any common sense whatsoever, talking about ways your girlfriend pisses you off on an open thread on Reddit is probably not a good move.

In fact, it's downright stupid.

In 24 hours there have been more than 24800 responses from men shaming (but thankfully not naming) their girlfriends and their seemingly irritating habits. And the comments are still flooding in.

But admittedly, once HuffPost UK Lifestyle got over the idiocy of leaving names next to confessions, we did find the answers pretty funny. Here are some of the most notable (the story continues below):

Things girlfriends say...

Of course, in the interest of gender equality, we wanted the ladies to get their own back.

Here are some annoying things boyfriends say, but unlike the guys we're sensible enough to keep our answers anonymous.

Things boyfriends say...

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