1990 In 12 Minutes (VIDEO)

WATCH: Remember 1990?

Remember the great video which rounded up 1986 in 10 minutes? Well, its makers - ThePeterson - are back. Four years later.

Yes, click play, sit back and enjoy a 12-minute nostalgia-fest of pop culture from 1990: the year that Madonna Vogue-d, the year that a certain young Simpson did the Bartman, and the year we couldn't touch MC Hammer.

And as well as numerous pop hits, the video includes clips from 1990 box office hits like 'Pretty Woman', 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'Ghost' as well as the year's most popular computer games, TV shows and more.

From Deelite to EMF, from the Fresh Prince to 'Beverly Hills, 90210', it's all here in 'Remember 1990'. Yep, even Milli Vanilli.


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