22/06/2013 07:35 BST

'The Voice' Final: Coach Will.i.am Says The Show Is 'Pointless' Until It Finds A Star

'The Voice' star Will.i.am said the latest series of the talent show will be "pointless" unless it produces a real star.

Last year's winner, Leanne Mitchell, flopped, with her debut single not even reaching the top 40, while her album recently missed out on the top 100.

The four remaining contestants, Matt Henry, Andrea Begley, Leah McFall and Mike Ward go head to head in Saturday's final.

Will.i.am, who is coaching hot favourite Leah, said he wanted to produce an act to "get people dizzy". He said: "These shows render themselves pointless if they can't identify something that's going to be on the radio and that's just me being part of the show.

"So we spend all this time looking for somebody and they aren't on the radio?

"In my opinion after the show is finished everyone should be scrambling, just like they were scrambling to find the next singer, just to make sure the person who won has a chance, has a shot, at the radio.

"Because that's what the premise is, the premise isn't just a record deal, the premise is a career.

"After last year I take that stuff too serious and personal especially if I'm there on TV saying 'you know we're going to fight for you and you need to be on my team'. So after you win or lose what are you doing?

"Was it just a crock of bull because your back was turned and you turned around and boom a camera is on you and you've got to say what you've got to say to look all nice and pretty.

"I ain't one of those guys, these are people's freaking dreams and aspirations."

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