23/06/2013 19:03 BST | Updated 23/08/2013 06:12 BST

'Andy Murray: Man Behind The Racquet' TV Review - From Dogs To Dunblane On Eve Of Wimbledon 2013

When Andy Murray's tears fell on centre court last year, his fan base multiplied ten-fold.

We already knew he was a focused tennis player, with the sort of ambition that took him off as a teenager to live and train on his own in Spain, away from his bemused but supportive family. Now, through the prism of his newly-found popularity, it's possible to reappraise Andy Murray's previous dourness as the dry wit of a misunderstood Scot.

This look at 'Andy Murray: The Man Behind the Racquet' proved that, even if the press and people didn't always like him, Murray has never been wanting for friends.

Andy Murray - so much more than a dour Scot

All sorts of people - from James Corden to Alex Ferguson to Kevin Spacey(??) - were prepared to vouch for his character, good humour and kindness away from the public eye. And girlfriend Kim Sears testified that the tears didn't stop for a while last year - "that was messy," she told Sue Barker, who had a fixed, maternal smile throughout.

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Meanwhile, if Andy Murray's had a rebranding, his mother Judy has had a transformation. Miles away from the laser-focused court-side mum, we saw Judy teaching children, smiling, joking... and being very moved by her walk around Dunblane Primary School, where Andy was a pupil during the shocking massacre that took place in 1995.

Andy Murray has some famous friends, along with tireless number one fan, mother Judy

Customarily, he didn't talk about Dunblane, but for the first time, he explained why he didn't talk about it. And his tears fell again, as he struggled to express what it had done to his home town. This time he even hid his face in his dog's neck for comfort. It is now officially not possible to root for anyone else but Andy Murray at the All England club this coming fortnight. Altogether now, go, Scotland!

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