24/06/2013 10:30 BST | Updated 30/06/2013 06:37 BST

REVEALED: Most Irritating (And Slightly Grim) Bad Bathroom Etiquette

Man making a mess brushing his teeth. He even leaves the water running. I hope he's getting ready for something important.

"Leave it clean, always flush and never discuss," says Debrett's, the 'modern authority on etiquette' on the matter of toilets. But according to a recent survey on bathroom etiquette, few of us are following this rule. And ladies, you can't blame it on the men - 3% of us are more likely to leave towels on the floor.

The most common reason for an argument is over who replaced the loo roll last, and over a third of women in the Villeroy and Boch survey admitted to arguing about it.

The age-old argument of seat up versus seat down also divided the sexes, 28% of women arguing with their partners about it - and if you're in the north east, you're even more likely to argue about it (39% admit to doing so).

However, when we asked you on Twitter and Facebook about what bad bathroom behaviour really got your goat, the answers were a bit more descriptive.

The Worst Bathroom and Toilet Crimes

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