'The White Queen Episode 2' TV Review - Freshly-Crowned Queen Finds Her Way At Court

REVIEW: 'The White Queen' Episode 2 - Birth And Betrayal

You can't accuse 'The White Queen' of plodding.

Within 10 minutes of the opening titles, common Elizabeth had become crowned Queen of England, seen half her family installed in positions of power at the royal court and given birth to an heir.... oh hold on, it's a girl, scrap that. It is 1465 after all.

Being Queen hasn't solved any problems for Elizabeth Woodville

After keen-eyed observers took delight this week in spotting such anomalies as zips on dresses (19th century), cement steps (sort of modern) in last week's debut, I was trying to keep my eye out for more howlers, but ended up being too busy trying to keep up with who was plotting what.

Did you spot any modern-day howlers this week? Let us know below...

No matter, all roads led back to the King's turncoat friend, the Earl of Warwick, the scene-stealing James Frain. Once he'd put his treacherous ducks in a row, no amount of holding her neck really high was going to help the Queen - isolated, grief-ridden and resorting to witchcraft, not that it's done her much good so far.

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