Robotic Walking Ape Could Explore Space For (Terrified) Humans (VIDEO)

WATCH: Robotic Walking Ape Could Explore Space For (Terrified) Humans

The chilling thought of super-intelligent monkeys bludgeoning us all to death has already been explored in popular culture -and we all know how badly that ended.

Which is why this video of a robotic ape tentatively taking its first steps fills our minds with dread.

Developed by the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the project claims to be looking at ways to improve the mobility of robots.


By imitating natural foot shapes and equipping them with a number of sensors the team have managed to create a remarkably steady machine.

Its actuated spinal column assists in movement as well as providing a handy platform for a cannon or perhaps a laser.

It has already demonstrated impressive balancing skills as evidence in the video below even if its walking is a tad jerky at present.

Furthermore, its developers envisage the robot being launched into space to explore other planets as it is ideally suited to rough terrain and can right itself if toppled.


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