'The White Queen' Episode 3 Review - Edward, A Bad King But A Worse Husband

It was something of a rollercoaster for the comely Queen in Episode 3 of the BBC's costly romp.

Things didn't start well - Elizabeth locked in the tower with a sadly depleted family, and her husband Edward forced to walk around a very long table while kingmaker Warwick tried to move the crown to a more acquiescent cousin, and make his daughter Isabel queen into the bargain.

Isabel - promised marriage, motherhood and monarchy - well, in the words of Meatloaf...

For a while, events started looking up - Edward released and (relatively) kingly again, civil war avoided and, more importantly, the Queen back in her robes.

But then… Edward proved to be in one stroke a masterly politician and a disastrous husband, shocking the Queen with his pronouncement that Warwick and Co would once again be embraced at court, with the death of her loved ones going unpunished. A ridiculously naive move, as it turned out.

The bromance between Edward and Warwick is sorely tested

You had to feel sorry for her, and the King can only blame himself if wifey is tempted to take matters into her own hands again with a bit of boil and bubble down at the river's edge.

If I were her, I'd be keeping an eye on Warwick's younger, the more spirited Anne. She seems quite happy to switch allegiance with the swish of a horse's tail, unlike her sister Isabel - the only one in the whole show seemingly flummoxed, like the rest of us, by such unseemly haste of all the courtly to-and-fro.