01/07/2013 08:24 BST | Updated 01/07/2013 08:28 BST

Courtney Meppen-Walter, Former Manchester City Player, Released After Five Months

Courtney Meppen-Walter, the former Manchester City defender who admitted to two counts of death by careless driving, has been released from prison after just five months.

Meppen-Walter, 18, who was sentenced to 16 months in jail in February, was behind the wheel of a Mercedes C220 saloon doing nearly double the 30mph speed limit when he hit a Nissan Micra emerging from a side street.

The Nissan driver, Kulwant Singh, 32, from Salford, and his sister, front-seat passenger Ravel Kaur, 37, from Cheetham Hill, Manchester, were both killed.

One of Meppen-Walter's friends tweeted this morning he was "Fresh out of prizzy."

The tweeter also posted a poem Meppen-Walter wrote during his five months inside.

courtney meppenwalter

Meppen-Walter was released on Monday

Moments before the fatal crash, Meppen-Walter had been "jockeying" and "playing games" with a friend in a VW Golf along a nearby dual carriageway.

After the smash, a witness told police: "That's what you get when you mess around on roads."

The victims came to the UK in 2001 to start a new life after fleeing persecution by the Taliban, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Ms Kaur's two sons, aged 16 and 17, both backseat passengers, were also injured in the crash at around 10.15pm on September 1 last year at the junction of Great Ducie Street and Sherborne Street in central Manchester.

courtney meppen walter poem

Meppen-Wlater's poem he wrote inside jail

Meppen-Walter was released by City this summer after the club chose not to renew the former England Under-18 skipper's contract.