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'The Apprentice' Review Episode 10: Myles And Jordan Both Turn To Jelly At Different Parts Of Process

Fired 'Apprentice' candidate Myles Mordaunt went from charismatic leader to wobbly jelly, as he admitted that he didn't really feel like the leader of his own team.

But that was nothing compared to Jordan's violent reaction to being interrogated in the boardroom, when he cheerfully admitted, "I could have puked at any time." Just what you need in a business partner. But back to Myles...

"By that stage in the process I think on reflection you're carrying baggage," Myles revealed afterwards. "So I'm worrying about what Neil’s thinking the whole time because Neil had...You know he's been fantastic throughout and he's got brownie points with Lord Sugar. And you worry that when you're in the boardroom that he's going to listen to him."

the apprentice

Neil's confidence overshadowed Myles' decision-making capabilities this week

But Myles admitted it wasn't all to do with Neil, with his purchasing decisions misplaced, too. The task was to take £150 of Lord Sugar's cash, and invest it in market stall stock, then "smell what sells" and put more items on sale in a pop-up shop the following day.

"I don't think I released my inner Del Boy on this one," Myles reflected afterwards.

He had been one of the leading candidates in the show up until this week, but Lord Sugar obviously decided that the glamorous Monaco businessman was no longer the safe pair of hands he had appeared previously.

the apprentice

Myles admits he didn't sufficiently embrace his "inner Del Boy"

His biggest decision was, quite rightly, who out of the men's team was really responsible for landing the custom-made £190 vase, an item Lord Sugar had looked at in ill-disguised contempt when it was presented to him, something chosen by Jordan, directed by Myles...

"Jordan, I haven’t got a bloody clue what you are talking about, but I want to think about this a little bit longer," mused Lord Sugar... just before Jordan nearly threw up all over the table in possibly the most violent reaction to the boardroom process yet seen on the show.

"Myles, I’m not sure what your expertise is, and this is simply from a gut feeling, I’m not sure on you either, and for that reason, I have to say that Myles, you’re fired.”

the apprentice

The women only had trouble selling the dresses, everything else flew off the shelf

Observer Karren Brady wasn't convinced throughout by the high end items chosen by the men's team, including bespoke ceramics - too few and too expensive, not entirely capturing the spirit of the market.

Bottom line assets after two days' trading: £550.26

You had to hand it to the ladies - there was no such messing. With Luisa at the helm, they opted immediately for fashion - of a kind - and just got on with it...no catfights, no scraps, no tussles of power, just straight to the stall with a load of stock they believed in, leggings, hats and dresses, and on with the sales.

Bottom line assets after two days' trading: £809.05

Then, in accordance with Lord Sugar's instructions, they smelt what... sold, and quickly restocked up on hats.

Meanwhile, the men were forced to improvise, with Jordan ending up trying his luck in a card shop, not quite the idea. And that was before the vase entered the picture.

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So now there are five - Neil, Luisa, Leah, Jordan and Francesca - two men, three women. Who do you think is destined to be this year's winning Apprentice?


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