05/07/2013 05:12 BST

Cheryl Cole Hits Out At The Mirror's Polly Hudson Over Article Saying She'd Be Happier If She Wasn't Famous

Cheryl Cole has hit out at Mirror columnist Polly Hudson over a recent article in the paper which claimed she would be much happier if she wasn't famous.

Polly's piece claimed that Cheryl had the "most depressing 30th birthday celebrations" in Las Vegas earlier this week, and if she was unknown she would have "proper mates... instead of having to hang out with her mum and brother all the time."

cheryl cole

Cheryl Cole

She went on to say that Cheryl would have never have caught Malaria or faced "repeated betrayal and public humiliation" by ex-husband Ashley Cole or have to put up with "universal ­criticism of her voice".

However, the journalist also added that Cheryl could have ended up in prison if she hadn't achieved fame with Girls Aloud on 'Popstars: The Rivals'.

Seeing red over the article, the normally calm and collected Cheryl spouted off on Twitter.

She wrote: "@3am #poorpolly Meow.. Who exactly was my party depressing for? yourself? sitting behind your little computer watching Instagram.. aww!! Well I really don't know where to start with this one I have to say! Cats got my tongue (no pun intended)

"I am actually dumbfounded reading your nasty bitter horrible incredibly inaccurate and misinformed article! Is this what you have been resorted to??! i feel bad for you. You literally have NO correct detail other than the 4 or 5 people you were able to identify from the"Instagram" pictures! Really?!! Smh. It's embarrassing."

chery cole

Cheryl at her birthday (Picture courtesy of JustJared.com)

She continued: "I have no idea why or where your nastiness has suddenly come from as you have only ever kissed my arse to my face.. I won't bother myself with handing you any correct information or facts as I feel that is a part of YOUR job you seriously need to work on.. Good luck with that #bitterbilly#saucerofmilkforPolly."

Cheryl then added: "Ps.. Pollynopals it's Lady Cheryl nosurname to you!!" in reference to Simon Cowell buying her the title of Lady as a gift for her 30th birthday.

Over to you, Polly.

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