08/07/2013 05:57 BST | Updated 06/09/2013 06:12 BST

Apple iOS App Store Sale: Many Top Games Free On App Store's Fifth Birthday

A general view of the Apple App store app on an iPad.
A general view of the Apple App store app on an iPad.

Some of the best and most popular iPhone and iPad games ever made are currently free on Apple's App Store, to celebrate the digital marketplace's fifth birthday.

Titles including Tiny Wings, Infinity Blade II, Where's My Water and Sword & Sorcery are all included in the promotion.

None of the games has ever been offered for free.

Apple has not confirmed that the massive offer is connected to the App Store's fifth anniversary, but several news sites appear convinced at the connection.

More than 50 billion apps have been downloaded since its launch on 10 July 2008, with more than $10 billion paid out to developers.

There are now 900,000 apps available in the store - compared to just 500 at launch.

Some of the top games found so far include:

Other apps including Traktor DJ - which normally sells for £13.99, Day One, Over, and Barefoot World Atlas are also free.