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'The White Queen' Episode 4 - The White Queen The Only Woman Not Doing Much...

Remember Warwick's disgust at the prospect of his King, Edward of York, dirtying himself, disgracing his family and demeaning the Court by shacking up with a common Lancastrian after their roadside rendezvous?

All of three episodes of 'The White Queen' later, and Warwick - banished, bruised and embittered - had embarked on a cunning scheme to marry his second daughter Anne to... a Lancastrian. No wonder everyone on both sides of the divide spent the episode looking mid-distance askance at his latest scheme.

the white queen

Warwick - isolated, and more dangerous than ever

After the romps and witchcraft of the first few episodes, the pace of 'The White Queen' has slowed down to a pretty unsexy plod through power-shifting alliances, confused youthful marriages and lots of people who don't like each other talking at length about "restoring my son/husband/brother to the throne".

Fortunately, so far it's saved by the maternal mania of Amanda Hale as Margaret Beaufort, and the quivering ministrations of James Frain, as the tousled Warwick, forced this week into an unsavoury devilish deal with a woman he detests. Their brittle chats, all heaving chests and sucking of imaginary bitter sweets, were positively erotic in comparison with the rest of the slow lane chicanery.

the white queen

Waiting, always waiting... the White Queen has been somewhat sidelined for now

And the look on his face when it turned out Margaret of Anjou had an even more unlikely, stronger alliance - with our very own White Queen's mother? Priceless.

Meanwhile, what of Elizabeth, her of the title, herself? Well, between the bookend ambitions of Margaret of Anjou and Margaret Hale, plus her own mother's enigmatic appeal, she's all but disappeared into the wallpaper. The other women get to do a lot more than her, while she sits around waiting for two chaps, her absent warrior husband, and her unborn son. Time for another trip to the riverside, surely.

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