10/07/2013 17:43 BST | Updated 10/07/2013 17:47 BST

Pegg, Frost And Wright Reunite For 'The World's End' London Premiere (PICTURES)

Simon Pegg admitted on Wednesday night that filming The World's End felt like a reunion of old friends. Pegg, co-star Nick Frost and director Edgar Wright walked the blue carpet in London's Leicester Square for the world premiere, along with co-stars including Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and Bond girl Rosamund Pike.

the worlds end

Pegg, Pike and Frost at the London premiere

The film is the final instalment of their so-called "Cornetto trilogy", following hit comedies Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. It also features many of the stars of nineties TV show Spaced, which was the trio's first project together.

Pegg said: "It's funny to be here in Leicester Square and walk down this carpet 10 years after making Shaun Of The Dead. It means a hell of a lot to us that we've been allowed to do this. I love making films in this country and I love the talent in this country and I really want to continue making films here, if I can.

"Everybody that was in Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz are in this film. We had people back that we have worked with for a long time, Mark Heap, Julia Deakin from Spaced, Michael Smiley, an old friend of ours. It was something of a reunion. And the film is about that kind of thing anyway, so it was fitting."

The World's End is about a group of childhood friends who reunite after 20 years to recreate an epic pub crawl in their home town, culminating at The World's End pub. The sci-fi comedy, which Wright directed and co-wrote with Pegg, sees the friends' plans disrupted when they discover the town has been taken over by robots.

Pike said of joining the team: "It was very intimidating coming in. It was bit like going out to the pub with your older brothers. But then I got over it and it was great fun." Frost promised fans the end of the Cornetto trilogy is not the end of his partnership with Pegg and Wright.

"It's the end of this, it's not the end of us. That's it really," he said. "It just means we can move on and do something else together."

Wright added: "After the second film we always felt we had to do a third so it feels immensely satisfying that it's done."

The World's End will open in UK cinemas on July 19.

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