11/07/2013 20:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

And For Her Next Trick... Cara Delevingne Shows Off Drumming Talent At Selfridges Party

Is there anything Cara Delevingne won't have a go at? The model got behind a drum kit at the closing of Charlotte Tilbury's House of Rock n'Kohl at Selfridges on Sunday evening and had a good old bash on the skins, while remembering to pose for the cameras the whole time, of course.

cara delevingne drums

Cara was doing her best to make us forget she was actually under 10-years-old for the whole of the Nineties and pulled on a few of the decade's wardrobe staples. Tartan bra? Check. Oversized slogan t-shirt? Check. Backwards baseball cap? Check. The only thing she was missing was a Gwen Stefani-style bindi stuck to her forehead.

cara delevingne

After all that drumming it seems Cara was all tuckered out and felt the need to chill out on the sofa and indulge in a spot of meditation. Repeat after Team MyDaily, "om". Can you feel your chakras realigning?

cara delevingne

In other Delevingne news, the supermodel has been getting super chummy with international pop sensation Rihanna. Yup, and guess what? They're only off on holiday together.

Rumour has it the pair have booked a two-week trip in August to the south of France and have already splashed out £300,000 on hiring a fancy-pants yacht to ferry them around the French Riviera. Alright for some, eh?

A source apparently told Heat magazine, "They're going to rent a yacht in the south of France at the end of August, when Rihanna has a two-week break in her tour, and then fly out to the Caribbean.

"It will be no-holds barred and they're spending more than half a million on the yacht rental and going to top clubs and restaurants. It'll be non-stop booze and they are already saying they're not going to get much sleep - maybe a couple of hours each night."

According to reports they've already earmarked an extra £200,000 to cover the cost of partying.