11/07/2013 20:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beauty And The Bride: It's All About Eye Creams

It's no secret that puffy eyes and dark circles are the tell-tale signs of tiredness and let's face it, no bride wants to look like they could do with a good nap at their wedding.

While sleepless nights and late-night planning for the big day are inevitable, tired eyes can be avoided thanks to the wonders of eye creams.

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So - why is it important to start taking care of the skin around the eyes and more importantly, will an eye cream help? Dr. Nadine Pernodet, Executive Director of Skin Biology, Research & Development at Estee Lauder Companies, explains.

"Due to the exceedingly thin and delicate nature of eye area skin, it tends to be more vulnerable to environmental damage, poor diet and lack of sleep, as well as manual irritations such as rubbing, squinting, blinking and expressions", she told us.

"The premature signs of ageing tend to be the most exaggerated, and seem to show up first in this area. By taking the right steps to take care of the delicate eye area and using an eye cream targeted to address your specific concerns, you can help reduce appearance of signs of ageing around the eye".

It's not all down to finding the right product, though. High on Dr. Pernodet's recommendation list are "getting enough sleep, a healthy diet and drinking enough water".

As for the creams - skincare brands take eye-focused products seriously. Many contain arnica and vitamins K and E to combat dark circles and puffiness, while the more expensive creams contain anti-ageing properties to hide fine lines and wrinkles. Take a look below for our pick of the best eye cream options out there: