11/07/2013 15:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Cheryl Cole's Date Night Dress: Creepy Coffin Material?

Cheryl Cole headed out in LA with her beau Tre last night to celebrate her brother Garry's birthday - and was wearing a dress made with material that would have been better suited as the lining of a coffin.

The silk-embossed fabric was was cinched in with a silver belt, and featured a (dodgy?) mullet hemline.


Plus points? Cheryl's stunning hair and makeup (something she nearly always gets right), and those awesome metallic silver stilettos.

After being wowed by the Call My Name singer's style on Jonathan Ross, we don't think this navy number is a highlight. Do you agree? Leave a comment below, and see more Cheryl Cole style pics below: