11/07/2013 16:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Chloe Green Is Dating J-Lo's Ex (No One Could Have Seen That Coming)

Chloe Green, daughter of Arcadia business mogul, and Marc Anthony, salsa star and Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, have "gone public". Wait, WHAT?


Yep, this so-strange-it-can't-be-true news was confirmed on a day trip to Disneyland earlier this week, where Green and Anthony were spotted getting cosy with Marc's twins in tow. The candyfloss, the family day out... all good signs at the start of a blossoming romance, but this situation is far from cute.


Here's why:

1. Chloe is 20, Marc is 44.
2. Chloe is NO J-Lo.
3. Marc, you might be a lovely guy, but the unbuttoned shirt and slicked-back hair thing? Slimy.
4. What if Chloe ends up as the twins' stepmother?
5. One day, Max and Emme will grow up and become more famous than Sir Philip Green's daughter.

So it's official. This is the weirdest match in the history of celebrity couples EVER, although we have to give it to Chloe. She's brave to follow in the footsteps of this woman:

We'll keep you posted.