11/07/2013 15:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dating A Prince: Destined For Disaster Or The Ultimate Fairytale?

Since Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan, the inevitable "has he got a girlfriend?" question has been hitting tabloid headlines again. Has Harry found true love with his latest squeeze Cressida Bonas? Or has she already broken his heart? Will he EVER find a girl who is marriage material?


After their romance blossomed at a festival last summer, 23 year-old Bonas looked like a good match for Harry. She's blonde, beautiful and the daughter of a Sixties socialite. Although, rumour has it that Bonas has been playing it cool and giving poor Harry the cold shoulder. Okay, we've all played that game, but this latest relationship news begs the question: WHY ON EARTH would you turn down a prince? Better still, a prince that fancies you?

There are the obvious pros to dating Prince William's younger brother. In a nutshell, these are:

1. He's not going to be king any time soon. Party, party, party!
2. He's cute
3. Despite the getting naked in Vegas episode, he's cheeky and that's charming
4. He's loaded
5. He's a national treasure


However, while there are thousands of girls who would agree with all of the above, there is a downside to dating a royal. While the idea of bagging the official title of "Prince Harry's girlfriend" might be appealing at first, the constant swarm of paparazzi would get irritating, very quickly.

That's not to mention the pressure and expectation that comes with that title (plus a lot of weekends spent at the polo). It has been reported that Bonas was "desperately nervous" before being introduced to Prince William. Just imagine if it got to the stage of meeting the grandparents. Buckingham Palace + a room full of corgis = not your average afternoon tea.

Then there's the issue of behaviour. Would the naked Harry pictures be so hilarious if you were really in a relationship with him? Girls will pretend they are 100VIRTUAL-hpGallery-249129%