11/07/2013 20:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dream Graduation Dresses

You're probably studying for finals right now. And stressing about what the heck you're going to do once you've actually got a degree. But you know what will keep things cheerful in this, the gloomiest time of your university career?

Graduation ball dress shopping. Seriously. You need something fun to think about. Because when the dissertation is handed in, the exams are over and you've come to terms with the fact YOU NEVER HAVE TO STUDY AGAIN (well, maybe), you'll need one kick-ass dress to celebrate that piece of paper that says you're a bit of a clever stick.


And if you ask us, these ones really do the trick (plus don't cost a bomb). Keep your sanity - grad ball dress shop...