11/07/2013 18:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Share An Adorable Moment On The Spider-Man Red Carpet

After noting yesterday that Andrew Garfield couldn't look any less enthusiastic on The Amazing Spider-Man red carpet and, rather meanly, wishing Emma Stone's luggage would get lost in transit (sorry!) things seem to have perked up a bit.

emma stone andrew garfield

Emma and Andrew shared a cute couples moment on the red carpet for the Madrid premiere of their movie as if they KNEW we were getting fed up with the whole thing. Honestly, it was starting to feel like Sarah Jessica Parker's I Don't Know Why She Bothers I Don't Know How She Does It global fashion parade from 2011.

Oh, and speaking of fashion, Emma is wearing Dolce & Gabbana and Andrew is in Band Of Outsiders (thanks to JustJared for that spot). Don't you also think Emma's dress would look at home on Keira Knightley?

emma stone